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The Ohio Teen Driver Coalition Helps Win Passage of Ohio House Bill 343

Bob Taft, in one of his last acts as Ohio governor, displays freshly signed Substitute House Bill 343, following a nearly two-year long campaign led by the Ohio Conference of AAA Clubs and the Ohio Teen Driver Coalition. More info.

This site is dedicated to protecting the lives of young drivers on Ohio roadways, as well as their passengers and other drivers. AAA and the Ohio Teen Driver Coalition made it a priority to strengthen Ohio’s Graduated Driver Licensing law.

Quick Facts About Teen Driving:

  • From 1995-2004, an astounding 1,173 Ohioans have died in crashes (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
  • Of those Ohio crash fatalities, 777 teens were killed on rural roads. By comparison, 259 were killed on urban roads. 
  • Since 1995, 494 people “other” than teens were killed in teen driver crashes in which the driver was 16 or 17 years old.  These “other” people are drivers and passengers of other vehicles and pedestrians.

Ohio Teen Driver Coalition News:

July 4th, 2007
Survey Shows Teens' Risky Driving Habits Include Text Messaging Behind the Wheel

May 14th, 2007
Potential Benefit of Passenger Restriction for Teens

April 24, 2007
Ohio Bureau Of Motor Vehicles Teen Driving Law Changes

February 15, 2007
AAA urges parents to "Keep The Keys" until teen drivers sign agreement

January 4, 2007
AAA commends Gov. Taft for signing bill

December 15, 2006
AAA/Ohio Teen Driver Coalition help win passage of passenger limits for new drivers; parents are key

August 16, 2006
Ohio State Highway Patrol/Google Earth show locations, data for fatal crash victims

July 2, 2006
New NHTSA/Johns Hopkins Report on Effectiveness of GDL Components

June 23, 2006
AAA Foundation study shows jurisdictions with night-time and passenger restrictions have 20 percent lower death and injury crash rate for 16-year-old drivers

May 26, 2006
Ohio House Committee votes 90-2 to pass Sub HB 343

Substitute House Bill 343 - Floor Testimony from Rep. Tom Raga

May 18, 2006
Ohio House Committee moves Sub HB 343 forward

May 10, 2006
Father of girl who died in crash gives tearful testimony
HB 343 gets 4th hearing

May 5, 2006
House Bill 343 to have fourth hearing

March 24, 2006
Ohio House Bill 343 is currently undergoing revision by the bill sponsor with input from the Ohio Teen Driver Coalition. Further updates will be posted once the specific changes are known.

February 17, 2006

View a standard form letter to use when contacting Ohio legislators

January 31, 2006
The Ohio Senate Highways & Transportation Committee hears testimony on Senate Bill 221 from AAA

Billboard campaign begins in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati

January 30, 2006
Responses of teenagers and their parents to California's graduated licensing system

January 18, 2006
Teen driver crashes pose greatest threat to other road users, according to AAA

January 10, 2006
Coalition to share new data showing deadly effects of teen driver crashes

October 25, 2005
Ohio AAA Clubs, new coalition, vocalize support of GDL legislation

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